The Bulldogs 08 spring practice.
HS Multiple Veer
Nice high school playbook for the multiple veer offense.
3-3 At Air Force
Very large file of the Air Force 3-3 Stack defense.
Georgia S Veer 1
The powerful veer offense by Georgia Southern, part 1.
LSU Tigers 4-3
The 4-3 defense that started championhip runs.
Northwestern Spread
Northwestern spread offense from 2000.
Miami Of Florida
4-3 defense of Miami of Florida
Vols Pro I Offense
Tennessee Pro I style offense from 2002.
Georgia S Veer 2
The powerful veer offense by Georgia Southern, part 2.
3-4 Michigan D
The Maze & Blue 3-4 defensive playbook. Nice book. Take a look.
Spread O at Utah
The Utes spead offense by Urban Meyer. Nice book.
1992 Colorado
The multiple set offense of the 1992 Colorad Buffalos.
Servatius HS 4-6
4-6 Bear defense used by Servatius high school.
Rutgers Cover 2 CB
Discuss cover 2 techniques for Cornerbacks.
Nike DB Drills
This one is for In Drill.
Rhett Bomar Hit
OU QB gets hit hard then hears the Texas fight song.
Cover 2 Defense
Cover 2 Man Defense explained.
Return of the King
Highlights of USC 2004 National Championship season.
Under Smoke blitz
Find out what makes the Quarters Under Smoke blitz so intense.
XPE Speed
XPE Speed to Suceed Camp. NFL players working with the youth.
Books [More Books]
Football Strength
Trainging manual to help football player to become stronger.
BFS Conditioning
Workout plan by BFS to get your players in condition.
BFS Flexibility
Flexibility by BFS for athletes.
Videos [More Videos]
UTEP Strength
UTEP strength coach talking about their workout.
Strength and Speed
Review several strength and speed exercises.
Strongman Scoop
A demo of an exercise my strongman competitors came up with.
GT / Clemson 07
The pregame speech before the Clemson football game.